My dear friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to greet you always I look forward meeting you in person and communicate with you. As our Chancellor had mentioned I had tried my level best to keep the communication channels, open and am happy with feedback we are receiving. The SGRB,s Suggestion box had really played its role well and will continue to be focus in the future years also.

At this moment I would like to really appreciate the improvement in the dress code and discipline in the campus. I am happy to note that the incidents of corrections had reduced substantially through; we still have to remind a few boys to pull trousers up and girls to pull skirts down. I am sure within a short period, all will mature to follow the code of conducts and respect your selves. At this juncture I am immensely pleasure with the support from the parents on this self discipline. Please convey my appreciation to your parents for their encouragement.

At this juncture I want to remind you about the forthcoming Global Institutional Learning and Programme GILT. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend one year abroad, learning and get training in developing economy. I had found this very useful and generate employment for the students who underwent this in Tanzania. I want every student to use this option. Try and save money now itself and avail this opportunity.

I have a request to make; we are all suffering because of the climate change and global warming. In your university you had studied about this. Please apply what you had studied at home, Neighborhood to reduce use of electricity and water. Try to educate the family members and neighbourhood.

we all have a role to play to protect our mother earth.

With love

President , University Council