General Instruction 

1. Regular and punctual attendance in theory, practical, field work and class test etc. are required for every regular student in order to be eligible to appear for the examination. In the case of persistent negligence of work, repeated failures at examination or unreasonable delay in presenting oneself for such examination a student may be required to withdraw from the Institution.

2. When a student is absent due to illness or for any other genuine cause, a written application with medical certificate from a doctor must be sent to the Head of the Department.

3. Students are required to replace or repair an apparatus or other property destroyed or damaged due to their fault.

4. All fee and privileges (scholarships) will be forfeited, if a student is dismissed for bad conduct or any other such reasons.

5. The Principal reserves the right to remove the name of any student from the roll due to.

6. Failure to pay college fee on time.

7. Unsatisfactory conduct.

8. Any student will be liable for rustication for behaving in a manner subversive to discipline or for any grave misconduct like taking part in any kind of hooliganism either inside or outside the Institute and/or hostel premises, intimidation to any one belonging to the Institute, unauthorized absence from attending classes, taking part in any unacademic and antisocial activity, any act of similar nature and conviction in court of law for criminal offences.

9. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission/registration at his own discretion to any student at the beginning of any academic semester, for reason of his/her behaving in a manner subversive to discipline or for any grave misconduct and whose behaviour/activity in the opinion of the Principal may not be considered as conducive to the maintenance of discipline in the Institute.

College Instruction

1. All the students are expected to follow dress code, clean and neatly dressed. No relaxation in dress code will be allowed.

2. Students should be in college at least five minutes before the first bell.

3. Punctuality is very necessary.

4. Students will not be allowed to leave the college premises during the college hours without the Principals / HODs permission.

5. A Student returning to college after an infectious/ contagious disease must produce a fitness certificate from a qualified doctor.

6. No leave of absence will be granted except on prior written application from parents/guardians/faculty advisor. Leave of absence will be granted only in exceptional circumstances. The exceptional circumstances to be determined by the college authorities. Defaulters will be duly fined.

7. Students are responsible for safety of their books and belongings.

8. No unauthorized books, comics, periodicals, pictures or newspapers except those are allowed by the college shall be brought to the college nor circulated without the permission of the Principal / HOD.

9. No borrowing or lending of money or exchanging of articles is allowed in the college.

10. The college expects the students to be honest and sincere in all their activities. Polite behaviour and gentleness in speech and manner will be insisted upon at all times.

11. Students must attend extra curricular and other activities outside lecture hours when required to do so and participation in such circumstances will be deemed necessary by the college authorities.