I am happy to communicate to you through this medium. I cordially invite every one of you, New students who joined in 2012 to the family of DMI. My dear continuing students, Who Joined earlier, by now you, would have known the value of being a member of DMI Family, As I mentioned earlier, once you are a DM-ite, You will always be a DMI-ite. In attitude, in loving and caring other as a community. You would have witnessed a lot of growth in the university amenities.As I started in my earlier letter communications is important. I am immensely pleased we have a good communication system in place and it will continue to improve in the days to come.I should specially thank your parents and sponsors, for the support they are showing when we take some tough decisions for the welfare of the student community. It is their support which encourages us to serve you more and more. We will continue to keep the same discipline and quality always.

In this 2012, Our main focus is the construction of the new complex for the university.It will house the academic and residential blocks which are much needed.

My dear student I repeat my earlier call, give us your next 36 to 48 month, we will give back the future.

I am looking forward to meet most of you in India as a part of GILT programme. We had seen the immense benefits of this program me. Try to save money to take part in this. This will open a new world for you and for your altitude.

May the God Almighty, bless you, your family, our country and our mankind. .

With Warm Regards, .


Chancellor and founder